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The Aston Martin Cygnet: Small car – big engine

Aston Martin Cygnet
Bonkers or what?
Image: Aston Martin

The Aston Martin Cygnet may surprise many fans. Thanks to a customer request, Aston Martin has built a one-off, city-sized car, but put a 4.7 litre V8 engine in it, the same one you would find in the Vantage S.

The model, which is only 3.4 metres in length, can do 0-62 mph in 4.2 seconds and has a top speed of 170 mph, although you won’t find many city streets where you’ll have the opportunity to test that out.

According to the Daily Mail, “it’s not a publicity stunt,” – one of the British firm’s most dedicated customers asked for the “ultimate tiny vehicle.” And so the customer got a baby swan. Some describe it as “a city car on steroids”, although you won’t fit many passengers in it as it is about the same size as a bathtub, at least in lengthways.

Cygnet built to reduce CO2 emissions

The Aston Martin Cygnet has been built before. Between 2011 and 2013 the firm built some to appease the EU fleet emission regulations. What was the problem? Aston Martin’s fleet primarily consists of supercars and they are big polluters. Therefore it needed to bring down the average CO2 emissions of all the vehicles it sold, and the Cygnet was the ‘tool’ used to do it. To achieve its goal, and keep on the right side of the law, Aston Martin too some basic range Toyota iQs and added some Aston Martin flair, such as a stylish interior and an Aston Martin grille on the front and gave these ‘new’ Cygnets a £31,000 price tag. It sold about 150 of this Aston Martin Cygnet models.

However, the latest Cygnet is not built to reduce CO2 emissions; it does the very opposite due to the V8 engine. The engine in the one-off model is four times as powerful as that in the original Cygnet. And this also meant doing a fair amount of work on the body, so that it could handle the engine.

Squeezing the Vantage into the Cygnet

Workers at Aston Martin’s factory have had to build a new front bulkhead and transmission tunnel, and they have used parts from a Vantage S, such as the gearbox and suspension. This Cygnet also has a racing roll cage and for its size, it emits a mighty roar, just like an Aston Martin supercar.

Nobody knows what the customer has paid for this “bonkers bullet on wheels”, but it’s got to have been a chunk of change.

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The Bugatti Chiron Divo

Bugatti Chiron Divo
Image: Bugatti

There are whispers that the Bugatti Chiron Divo supercar will finally be unveiled at Monterey Car Week this August. We’ve been waiting since May for more concrete news about when we’ll finally be able to see the new variant on the Bugatti Chiron and its seems we will now only have to wait until August 24th.

Bugatti hosted a private viewing in Los Angeles in May and as Motor authority reported, one the guests who was fortunate enough to receive an invitation to this exclusive event, or at least claimed to have been there, described the Chiron Divo as “controversial” and “pretty limited.” Don’t let one person’s opinion put you off; they may not be a Bugatti supercar fan!

The manufacturer only confirmed a few days ago that it had named the car the Chiron Divo. ‘Divo’ is Italian for ‘star’ and the masculine form of ‘diva’, a word that is used more and more frequently to describe a female singer in the popular rather than classical genre, who loves to perform vocal acrobatics. In fact, Bugatti has named it after French racing driver Albert Divo, who twice won the Targo Florio for Bugatti in the 1920s. Who knows what the use of ‘Divo’ will mean for this Bugatti supercar then!

The supercar will make its appearance at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, which is one of the highlight events of Monterey. Bugatti has been sending out some advance teaser shots to the press and these suggest that French Racing Blue is a colour that is going to feature prominently, presumably in homage to Albert Divo.

The press release claims the Bugatti Chiron Divo is “built for corners” and will “be faster and handle better” says Top Gear. It will also “be light and nimble and will boast enormous downforce and g-forces.” Most commentators are predicting that it will be a ‘track-only’ car, which makes sense since only 40 of the Bugatti Chiron Divo will be made and each one has a price tag of €5 million.

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Auto Trader scores World Cup own goal!

Auto Trader Goals
Harry Kane gives another car to a lucky winner!
Image: AFP/Getty Images

Auto Trader obviously didn’t expect an exceptional performance by the England team at the World Cup when it launched its Auto Trader Goals competition in which it gives away a free car every time England score.

Prior to England’s win over Sweden on Saturday, which takes the UK team into the semi-finals for the first time since 1990, Auto Trader already had a bill for £156k. The well-known car sales business had estimated that England would score no more than eight goals during the tournament: it obviously couldn’t have foreseen the score at the Panama game and a nine goal total before the match against Sweden. This week it has two more cars to add to the bill and who knows how many more they might have to give away when England plays Croatia.

To be in with a chance of winning one of four different cars, football fans have been asked to tweet with the hashtag #AutoTraderGoals each time England scores.

The hashtag has been trending on Twitter during every game so far and hopeful drivers had entered the competition 140,000 times before the match last Saturday. One of the winners was Imogen Ryan, a paediatric nurse in the NHS who used the hashtag after Harry Kane’s scored a penalty in the 57th minute against Colombia

She said: “’I’m 17 weeks pregnant and we desperately need a new car – so to win one in this way after such a dramatic end to the game was beyond a dream.’

According to the Daily Mail, Auto Trader is already struggling to source the free cars. All four models it is giving away are part of a deal with FCA Group, with winners competing for either an Abarth 595, Alfa Romeo Mito, Fiat 500X or Jeep Renegade.

Auto Trader’s audience and brand director Lei Sorvisto, told the Daily Mail: “With a campaign of this nature there are a number of big uncertainties. Bookmakers will always be the safest guide – and most were predicting eight goals for the entire tournament.” Despite the fact they have gone over budget, Sorvisto said it was Auto Trader’s most successful marketing campaign to date.








The Lamborghini LB48H

The Terzo Millennio concept car.
Image: Motor Authority

A new supercar is about to launch and it doesn’t even have a name yet, just a code – Lamborghini LB48H.

Back in 2017, Lamborghini talked about building a new one-off supercar, something like the Centenario and Veneno limited edition models. Maurizio Reggiani, head of R&D at Sant’Agata said then that the concept would soon be shown to potential buyers and now it seems this latest supercar is more than just a rumour.

The Lamborghini LB48H will be the automaker’s first hybrid supercar and it has been seen at a private event in Italy. According to The Supercar Blog, the LB48H is a precursor to the Aventador set to launch in 2020.

Most importantly, it will have a hybrid powertrain. In terms of its style, the leaked information suggests that it has borrowed heavily from the Terzo Millennio concept unveiled by Lamborghini in Cambridge, Massachusetts last year. It was the first result of a partnership between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the luxury Italian brand.

It is reported that only 63 models will be made, but production should start towards the end of 2018 and it is believed that more details about the LB48H might be revealed at Monterey Car Week in August.

Journalists are desperately searching for more information in advance. As Motor authority reports, a June 19th Instagram post by Miguel Costa, a Lamborghini executive based in Portugal, said: “We made it possible! Soon!” together with “#LB48H.” He’s since removed the LB48H hashtag, but it confirms that the code name is real and the new hybrid Lambo really does exist.

We may also see some new Lambo styling in the LB48H. Lamborghini often uses its one-off models to introduce new styling elements and technology. For example, the Centenario, launched in 2016 to mark the 100th anniversary of Lamborghini founder Ferruccio Lamborghini’s birth, introduced rear-wheel steering. And, as it is about to put hybrid powertrains in the Urus, it makes sense that this supercar will be a hybrid as well. But until we see the LB48H, it’s still a guessing game as to what Lamborghini is about to unleash on the world.

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From the World Cup to Luxury Cars

World Cup
Image: AP

The England World Cup team is apparently so happy with its performance so far, or are just doing a bit of online shopping during their downtime, that they are planning a post-Russia spending spree on luxury cars. This news came from Magnitude Finance, which has 13 members of the 23-man England squad on its client roster.

Magnitude Finance looks after celebrity car purchases and told the Daily Mail and other press, “it has been preparing numerous vehicle finance packages for players and their wives and girlfriends ready for when the tournament ends.”

It also reports that the average price of the cars on the team members’ wish lists is in the region of £215,000. Interestingly, that also happens to be the exact amount of the bonus each player will get if England goes on to win the World Cup. Perhaps they know something that football fans don’t?

What cars do World Cup footballers want to buy?

Head of sales at Magnitude Finance, Tim Marlow, said: “From the proposals we’re putting together, it will be the largest amount of finance provided for our footballer clientele during a summer – irrespective of how England fair in Russia. Many of the England squad, their wives and girlfriends and Premiership-based players representing other nations are looking to buy new cars either to mark a good tournament, or as a treat at the end of the season.”

The cars they will be treating themselves to include the 2018 Range Rover, the Bentley Continental GT, the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG, an Audi R8 and the Lamborghini Urus, Lambo’s first venture into the world of SUVs. The average price tag of £215,000 also suggests that the World Cup footballers will be going for plenty of customised options, raising the cost of each luxury car.

Tim Marlow also believes that the sudden rise in vehicle finance requests from the players is due to giving a lot of time on their hands, saying: “Since landing in Russia, there has been a significant increase in traffic from the region to our website, which tells us they are busy looking at finance options for their next car purchase.”

He also pointed out that the players were very competitive about their car purchases – they all want to have the best, most exclusive car with the rarest features, he told the media.

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