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Monthly Archives: January, 2017

Car of the Week – Audi Q7

There are times when you need space in a car, both to carry people and luggage. The Audi Q7 has three rows of seats holding seven people and there’s still room to pack in several suitcases. It’s an Audi model that offers prestige, luxury and comfort plus it has impressive power options that satisfy both … Continue reading “Car of the Week – Audi Q7”

The Self-Drive BMW 5 2017

Hybrid and electric cars were hot topics for the motoring press in 2016 and with the continued advances in this technological area these models will undoubtedly keep making headlines for some time to come. However, it is noticeable that another advance in technology is fascinating both journalists and consumers alike, and that is the self-driving … Continue reading “The Self-Drive BMW 5 2017”

Car of the Week – BMW i8

The BMW marque is a much-loved one and its fans love to sing its praises. We wouldn’t disagree with them, and if you’re looking for a BMW model that is just that bit more special than the rest, then the revolutionary BMW i8 fits the bill. Low carbon emissions and the perfect synchronisation of electric … Continue reading “Car of the Week – BMW i8”

Male Celebrities and Their Cars

Becoming a famous celebrity tends to bring a number of benefits, one of them being wealth. And extra cash in the bank tends to be spent on a dream car or cars amongst other things. Some male celebrities have not just one, two or seven cars, they collect warehouses full of automobiles that range in … Continue reading “Male Celebrities and Their Cars”

Car of the Week – Mercedes Benz SLS

The Mercedes Benz SLS is inspired by the future and the heritage of Mercedes Benz classic sports car design. It’s beautiful to look at and fabulous to drive. And so say all of us at Titanium. Here’s what other experts think: “The flagship Mercedes SLS AMG supercar has a thumping V8 engine and gullwing doors … Continue reading “Car of the Week – Mercedes Benz SLS”

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