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Marque of the Week – BMW

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, universally referred to as BMW, started out in 1916. The founders Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto were originally involved in building planes, which they continued to produce components for after BMW became a brand. The BMW brand logo. which has appeared on every product since 1917, has been updated but still … Continue reading “Marque of the Week – BMW”

UK Footballers and their cars

It is the end of the UK football season and some of the Premier League’s star footballers are putting their cars up for sale. Everyone knows that these highly-paid sportsmen tend to favour supercars and often have more than one in their garages; indeed, some of them have a different car for every day of … Continue reading “UK Footballers and their cars”

Marque of the Week – Bentley

Bentley is a marque in motoring that conjures up images of pure class and uncompromising luxury. The company’s history, like that of so many automobile manufacturers, is complex and it has partnered with other leading firms during its illustrious history. At Titanium Luxury Hire, we have a fine selection of Bentley’s best models for you … Continue reading “Marque of the Week – Bentley”

Test yourself on the Nürburgring

Talk to most driving enthusiasts and at some point in the conversation Germany’s Nürburgring is bound to come up. It is the one place in Europe where driving for driving’s sake is truly celebrated and any concerns about the cost per litre of fuel fly right out the window of your supercar. And, Titanium Luxury … Continue reading “Test yourself on the Nürburgring”

Marque of the Week – Aston Martin

This car brand has been an icon of luxury motoring for over a century. Robert Bamford and Lionel Martin founded the firm as Bamford & Martin in 1913, but only one year later, it had changed its name to Aston Martin, following a winning run by Lionel Martin at the Aston Hill Climb in Buckinghamshire, … Continue reading “Marque of the Week – Aston Martin”

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