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Geneva Motor Show 2018 Preview

In March we will be returning to the Geneva Motor Show 2018, one of the most prestigious and exciting automobile events of the year. So, we thought that we’d have a sneak peak at some of the vehicles making a first appearance at Geneva and perhaps whet your appetite for attending the show, or hiring … Continue reading “Geneva Motor Show 2018 Preview”

McLaren Senna at Geneva 2018

In December 2017, McLaren announced its latest model to follow the McLaren P1, and this time it resurrected one of the greatest names in Formula One history, because it is calling the new model the McLaren Senna. The car, built in England, is a hypercar with a roaring 789 horsepower. It is a mid-engine, rear-wheel … Continue reading “McLaren Senna at Geneva 2018”

BMW flies the Union Jack in 2018

It may be one of the smallest luxury cars, but the Mini manages to retain a leading position as one of the most fashionable cars on the road. In 2018, BMW, its German manufacturer has given the Mini a facelift and a very British touch – Union Jack brake lights! The Mini was an essential … Continue reading “BMW flies the Union Jack in 2018”

“Auto anniversary” for Steve McQueen’s Ford Mustang Bullitt

Steve McQueen, in his role as Detective Frank Bullitt,, famously drove a Highland Green Ford Mustang Bullitt. That was 50 years ago and to celebrate the anniversary of one of the most famous partnerships of man and motor, the American automobile manufacturer has unveiled a new model Mustang. Keeping the family relationship alive, the actor’s … Continue reading ““Auto anniversary” for Steve McQueen’s Ford Mustang Bullitt”

Go iPerformance with the BMW 530e

BMW has for some time been one of the more environment-conscious motor manufacturers. It formed the ‘i’ sub brand with the intention of getting away from fossil fuel use and now it is bringing its adding the BMW 530e iPerformance to its range of eco-warrior cars. The range already boasts the i3 city car and … Continue reading “Go iPerformance with the BMW 530e”

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