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Monthly Archives: March, 2018

Luminous luxury from Rolls-Royce!

Rolls-Royce has decided to take our concept of luxury to another level. You may think you have seen it all, but it has plans to surprise you with its Luminary Collection. The world famous British marque is taking 55 Wraiths and turning them into a limited edition collection that “will light the way for the … Continue reading “Luminous luxury from Rolls-Royce!”

BMW i3 helps planet by reusing plastic

Good news for the environment from BMW and its BMW i3 model. The famous German automobile manufacturer has pledged to recycle discarded plastic from the sea and use it in the new car. This initiative comes at a time when the international community is looking at a range of ways to stop out oceans becoming … Continue reading “BMW i3 helps planet by reusing plastic”

The Lagonda SUV is on its way!

We wrote about the Lagonda Vision concept that Aston Martin introduced at Geneva, but it seems the British manufacturer has some other Lagonda models up its sleeve and we are quite likely to see a Lagonda SUV before we see a saloon. The historic Lagonda brand name conjures up images of elegance and decadence on … Continue reading “The Lagonda SUV is on its way!”

Mercedes-Maybach unveils Pullman limo

Limousines seem to be in fashion this year. Aston Martin relaunched the Lagonda name for its new executive class super saloon, and Mercedes-Maybach has at the same time unveiled “its ultimate limousine for ‘high-ranking passengers’ with its revival of the Pullman name. As you can see, there is also a trend to revive past brands … Continue reading “Mercedes-Maybach unveils Pullman limo”

McLaren promises its cars will go faster

It is only to be expected that cars are getting faster, McLaren believes.  As one pundit at Geneva Motor Show pointed out, “the modern average minivan can smoke the average Ferrari from the 1970s.” So, logic tells us that if a standard car is much faster, then supercars are getting superfast. McLaren’s COO, Dr Jens … Continue reading “McLaren promises its cars will go faster”

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