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Monthly Archives: March, 2019

Bugatti to launch a practical car

Bugatti has halted its pursuit of building faster cars and has announced that it is looking into building a more practical model to its line-up. It has just unveiled the world’’s most expensive car at Geneva Motor Show – the $16.7 milliom 57SC Atlantic. Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of Bugatti, appeared to suggest this in an … Continue reading “Bugatti to launch a practical car”

The Evoque SUV has X-ray vision

Have you ever wanted superpowers? Yes, of course you have; we all have. Often X-ray vision is one of the most popular superpowers, but did you know that you could have the power to see through objects when you drive Range Rover’s latest Evoque model? As the Mail Online test drive in Greece revealed, “Not … Continue reading “The Evoque SUV has X-ray vision”

Audi view of an electric future

Siegfried Pint, the head of Audi powertrains has been talking to Autocar about the way in which the German firm plans for an electric future. He told the UK motoring magazine, “There will be a limit for range development. I don’t think it makes sense to implement a 600-mile range. There will be a customer … Continue reading “Audi view of an electric future”

Koenigsegg Jesko hits the road at 482 kmh

Koenigsegg, the Swedish supercar manufacturer, has unveiled the Jesko, a 300mph/482 kmh model that is suiatbelf ro driving on the road. As the Mail Online says, this comes at the same time as Volvo, the better-known Swedish car brand, made an announcement that it is putting a 112 mph/ 180 mph limit on the top … Continue reading “Koenigsegg Jesko hits the road at 482 kmh”

Bugatti hypercar stuns Geneva 2019

Bugatti unveiled a one-off hypercar at Geneva Motor Show this week. The model is a homage to the Type 57SC Atlantic, which celebrates its 80th birthday this year. Bugatti only built four of these coupes between 1936 and 1938 and they remain the crown jewels of Bugatti production cars. The La Voiture Noire, French for … Continue reading “Bugatti hypercar stuns Geneva 2019”

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