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Baby Book and birth certificate from Aston Martin

baby bookMany parents like to keep a baby book chronicling their new arrival’s progress in words and photographs. It is something to look back at in later years and to hand over to that child as a keepsake. Aston Martin has just announced that it will now be giving a ‘Baby Book’ worth £450 to all new owners that will chart the car from conception to final delivery. And each car will have a ‘birth certificate’ as well.

To do this, Aston Martin has installed 20 fixed cameras at its Gaydon factory in the UK, where it builds the Vantage, Vanquish, Rapide and DB11 models. These will capture every key moment in the creation of the owner’s new car as it is built and passes along the production line.

However, the Aston Martin Baby Book is distinctly ‘old school’, because it is a physically printed book that collates all the photos of the car and has accompanying text. There is no sign of the digital age in Gaydon it seems, but producing a physical product makes sense; it is something the proud owner can display on a coffee table where visitors can admire the trophy car. Inviting people to check it out on a digital device doesn’t have quite the same cachet.

Aston Martin dealerships have only recently been made aware of this new service, which is an added sales tool, but it is available for every model built since July 2017. Owners can also order the package from the Aston Martin shop online.

What do you get in the presentation box, which has three sections? First there is a history of Aston Martin, with a section about the specific model that has been ordered. Finally, a personalised Your Story section that contains images of the customers’ actual car passing through the production process in the factory.

The front section of the baby book contains the personalised Birth Certificate specifying the customer’s name and details of their car they have bought.

Aston Martin said: “We believe we are the first manufacturer to do this. It’s the journey of your car through the factory.” This new addition to Aston Martin’s product line comes as its president and CEO Dr Andy Palmer announced a five-year trade and investment drive in China worth over £600million as part of its expansion in the world’s largest automotive market.

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