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The Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato

Aston Marin ZagatoWhen Aston Martin, Britain’s 10th coolest brand, partners with Italy’s wildest body design house, Zagato, everyone knows that something pretty spectacular is about to appear. This isn’t the first time that they have worked together; the two legends of automobile manufacturing have been collaborating on the production of special edition cars since 1960. The Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato is their fifth love child and it has stopped the world in its tracks; you really do have to turn your head for this dream machine. That’s the good news, now the bad; it’s a limited edition sports car and they only made 99 cars, all of which are sold.

The concept car was first launched at the appropriately glamorous Concorso d’Eleganza Villa D’Este. At its heart, the AM Zagato is a 6.0-litre Vanquish V12 while the body exterior is a collaboration between Aston Martin’s Marek Reichman and Zagato’s very own Andrea Zagato; you might say that it was imagined in Milan and built in Gaydon. This village in Warwickshire also happens to be the home of the British Motor Museum as well as Aston Martin’s coach works that combine cutting-edge technology with the hand-crafted finesse that is associated with Aston Martin the world over.

Although the Aston Martin Zagato was initially launched as a concept car, the clamour for the car to go into production was so overwhelming that Aston Martin gave into the demands of excited buyers and announced it would build just 99 cars, which, as we pointed out above, are already sold. The price tag of £500,000/600,000€ is pretty steep by even supercar standards, and Aston Martin alongside Zagato must be feeling rather cheerful about the profit made on the sale of so few cars.

The AM Zagato’s body is shaped from carbon fibre, and to preserve the model’s sleek and sinuous lines, they have used large, one-piece panels to minimise ‘split lines’. It’s the automobile equivalent of eliminating VPL; that’s Visible Panty Lines, chaps. And speaking of rear ends, the Zagato features afterburner-style tail lights linked by a fine sliver of a retractable rear spoiler that makes this model distinctly different to the original Aston Martin Vanquish. Add to this a Zagato trademark – the double-bubble roof that sits atop a visor-like wraparound windscreen and you have a car that oozes both style and class.Naturally, it’s no carthorse on the road either. The V12 engine has been tuned to produce 600bhp that will take you from 0-60mph/96kmh in 3.5 seconds. Inside, it’s a cocoon of luxury leather and advanced technology: sit in this and you’ll feel as if you’ve slipped into the perfect fit of glove.

Who knows, one day we may be able to offer you an AM Zagato, but right now at Titanium Luxury Hire we can offer you a range of Aston Martin experiences: we have a Vantage, a Vanquish, a DB9 and a DB9 Volante. These models all embody the elegance and engineering we have all come to associate with the Aston Martin marquee, and with the help of Titanium Luxury Hire you can enjoy that Aston Martin feeling whenever you want.

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