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The BMW Vision 100

bmw-vision-next-100The BMW Supercar of 2116

A vision of the future has just filled the screen courtesy of one of our favourite auto magazines Road and Track – it’s a supercar of the future. To celebrate its centenary, BMW has created a model of what its design team thinks a supercar sports saloon (a sports sedan for American readers) will look like in 2116. Goodness knows how the engineers and creative team could think 100 years ahead from now, but they have, so what will the supercar of the next century look like and what will be the outstanding features that separate it from the supercars of 2016, including its own BMW i8, which is already a popular model in Titanium’s inventory.

The BMW Vision Next 100

BMW has actually called its prototype “Vision Next 100,” which is not terribly imaginative, but at least you know what to expect. If some of the Titanium team had been allowed to name it, at least one of us would have been scouring lists of mythical gods from every culture, or the lesser known constellations of the night sky, for a name that summed up what this incredible machine offers.

First of all, it’s ‘self-driving’ which is hardly unexpected since the driverless car is already making some ripples in the auto press and I think we can expect that ‘self-driving’ will advance quite some way in the next 100 years. This BMW can also be driver-controlled. You just have to put it into ‘Boost’ mode and you’ll receive holographic information to assist the driver. If you’re good at video games, you’ll enjoy following the projected driving line (it’s more Gran Turismo than Grand Theft Auto!) and discovering that obstacles in your way may appear monetarily translucent so that you can see past them. Plus, there are rows of tiles that change colour to alert you to a multiplicity of driving situations that require driver attention.

bmw-vision-next-munich-alemania_5944030And the best bit is, when you come across a situation you don’t want to handle, all you have to do is change the car from “Boost’ to ‘Ease’ mode and it takes over responsibility for handling the traffic. Sounds perfect for traffic jams! It also sounds like the driving equivalent of having a butler! When the car is in charge, the steering wheel folds away, the seats self-adjust and a windshield –sized infotainment system appears. Perfect for catching up on the latest news, or whatever infotainment will be like in 2116, which is something to consider.

In terms of its looks, it is clearly the love child of the BMW i8 with its gullwing doors and as the experts at R&T suggest, they’ve made aspects of the i8 transition nicely from a coupe to a saloon. One feature that is quite extraordinary is the stretching fenders that cover the wheel. These not only look like they came out of a sci-fi movie, they will reduce the car’s drag coefficient to 0.18. And that’s very low. As to what it runs on, BMW hasn’t decided that yet. I guess we’ll have to wait awhile to find out. Well, you may not be able to hire this car just yet but we have a stunning selection of prestige supercars for you to hire – please have a browse and let you imagination run wild.Titanium Luxury Hire allows you to simply enjoy all the fun and thrills of driving a prestige vehicle without any of the hassles. Plus, we’ll deliver the car to you at your home, your office, conference venue, airport or hotel in any of our extensive list of locations. All you have to do is Contact Us and tell us when and where you’d like one of our luxury hire cars.

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