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Hyundai introduces The Elevate

Hyundai is getting 2019 off to a ‘walking’ start as it reveals its car with legs. It seems from a cursory glance at the motoring press that this is going to be a year when we will see a number of unusual concept cars at the upcoming motor shows, with ‘flying’ cars being another futuristic … Continue reading “Hyundai introduces The Elevate”

The 2019 Forbes Luxury Car Guide

Following on from our round up of the what some of the motoring experts consider to be the most exciting luxury models for 2019, today we’re taking a look at the Forbes magazine Luxury Car Guide 2019, which also includes a Harley-Davidson bike. This obviously isn’t a car, but as it is a Harley, we’ll … Continue reading “The 2019 Forbes Luxury Car Guide”

The Top Gear Pick of Luxury Cars of 2018

At Titanium Luxury Hire, we’re having a  well deserved blogging holiday. So, instead we are sharing Top Gear’s Top 10 Luxury Cars of 2018 with you. We can’t fault their taste and choices. But, we’d still like to tell you that Titanium Luxury Hire allows you to simply enjoy all the fun and thrills of driving a … Continue reading “The Top Gear Pick of Luxury Cars of 2018”

Aston Martin DBX revealed

The Aston Martin DBX has finally been revealed, at least in prototype form. The long awaited SUV, a first for the luxury sports car manufacturer will go into production in 2019 and arrive on the market in 2020. Aston Martin decided to call the SUV, the Aston Martin DBX, which it has hinted at back … Continue reading “Aston Martin DBX revealed”

The Ferrari Monza unveiled

Ferrari has finally published images of its new supercar, the Ferrari Monza and it is positively breathtaking. The Italian manufacturer only allowed an exclusive, invitation-only audience to see the limited edition model after some images had been leaked online. The Ferrari Monza’s bodywork has been based on 1950s racing car designs, and will be available … Continue reading “The Ferrari Monza unveiled”

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