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The Mercedes Benz EQC for 2020

With the Mercedes Benz EQC, scheduled for launch in 2020, the German car manufacturer has finally brought its luxury cars into the electric market. This is its first foray into it, but it appears to be making up for any lost time, as it has also announced plans to bring another 10 electric cars to … Continue reading “The Mercedes Benz EQC for 2020”

The Kitty Hawk Flyer

Most of you will remember that the Kitty Hawk was a plane. Now it’s a flying car. Larry Page, a Google co-founder, is funding a startup called Kitty Hawk and it has just released details of it the “Flyer” – and it’s an electric car that flies. You don’t even needs a pilot’s licence to … Continue reading “The Kitty Hawk Flyer”

Swedish Lynk to disrupt conventional car market

Lynk & Co from Sweden is an innovative car manufacturer. When announcing its latest model, only the third it has brought to market, “aims to sell its vehicles like smartphones.” The new model, a compact crossover called the O2 will sell in the UK though boutique shops and online. Lynk is a sister brand to … Continue reading “Swedish Lynk to disrupt conventional car market”

Audi Vision Gran Turismo: From Concept to Reality

Playstation fans will be familiar with the ‘Gran Turismo” video game. Four years ago Audi launched its Vision Gran Turismo concept. This was part of a competition put out by the makers of the Gran Turismo game to see which design team could come up with the best-looking grand touring car. Audi has come up … Continue reading “Audi Vision Gran Turismo: From Concept to Reality”

BMW i3 helps planet by reusing plastic

Good news for the environment from BMW and its BMW i3 model. The famous German automobile manufacturer has pledged to recycle discarded plastic from the sea and use it in the new car. This initiative comes at a time when the international community is looking at a range of ways to stop out oceans becoming … Continue reading “BMW i3 helps planet by reusing plastic”

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