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Bitcar – luxury motors for crypto enthusiasts

In Australia, three men have formed a company called Bitcar. Its goal is to use the blockchain, that’s the technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as many other products. Why? Because they believe that the blockchain can transform the ownership pool of luxury cars like Ferraris, Lamborghinis or Bugattis. Many car enthusiasts would … Continue reading “Bitcar – luxury motors for crypto enthusiasts”

The Ferrari FXX-KE hypercar

The Ferrari FXX-KE, or to give it its full name of FXX-K Evoluzione, is a track-only hypercar that can easily match the Italian manufacturer’s current F1 models, which gives you an idea of its incredible power. This recently launched model is more like a Batmobile or fighter jet than any other car with four wheels … Continue reading “The Ferrari FXX-KE hypercar”

Mercedes’ Project One for the road

We all know Lewis Hamilton has an F1 car to drive and now Mercedes-AMG is launching a hypercar in 2019 that will make an F1-type car available for the road. The Project One model will use the same powertrain as F1 cars, and will combine a V6 petrol engine with lithium-ion cell batteries and four … Continue reading “Mercedes’ Project One for the road”

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