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The McLaren 2050 MCLExtreme

McLaren Applied Technologies (MAT), the sister company of the Formula One team, has unveiled a futuristic concept car that we probably wont see on the track until 2050. That is quite some time to wait for the all-electric vehicle currently named the 2050: MCLExtreme. The McLaren team collected opinions from its F1 fans in order … Continue reading “The McLaren 2050 MCLExtreme”

Meet the McLaren Speedtail

McLaren has come up with yet another exception hypercar – the McLaren Speedtail. It will build only 106 units of the model that has the equivalent power of 10 Ford Fiestas. It is the fastest car that the British firm has ever produced, thanks to a 1035 horsepower petrol-electric hybrid powertrain based on Formula One … Continue reading “Meet the McLaren Speedtail”

New cars at Titanium’s Florence depot!

Exciting news for all our customers and those of you who haven’t hired a car from Titanium Luxury Hire yet: we have four new models available at our Florence depot in Italy. Before we tell you about them, we’d like to point out that just because the cars are in Florence, you don’t have to … Continue reading “New cars at Titanium’s Florence depot!”

McLaren to launch 18 hybrid supercars

McLaren, the British supercar manufacturer and Formula 1 big name, has announced it is starting on a massive and rather expensive project to produce 18 new McLaren supercars, all in hybrid format, by 2025. The project, which is estimated to cost £1.2 billion, will ensure that every supercar leaving the Woking factory will now be … Continue reading “McLaren to launch 18 hybrid supercars”

McLaren promises its cars will go faster

It is only to be expected that cars are getting faster, McLaren believes.  As one pundit at Geneva Motor Show pointed out, “the modern average minivan can smoke the average Ferrari from the 1970s.” So, logic tells us that if a standard car is much faster, then supercars are getting superfast. McLaren’s COO, Dr Jens … Continue reading “McLaren promises its cars will go faster”

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