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The Mercedes Benz EQC for 2020

With the Mercedes Benz EQC, scheduled for launch in 2020, the German car manufacturer has finally brought its luxury cars into the electric market. This is its first foray into it, but it appears to be making up for any lost time, as it has also announced plans to bring another 10 electric cars to … Continue reading “The Mercedes Benz EQC for 2020”

The Top 6 Super SUVs

What is a super SUV? Well, Super SUVs  combine supercar performance with limousine luxury. There are players in this market who have broken out of their traditional sectors to participate and hopefully dominate this market sector, Rolls-Royce being one of them. Here are six of the Super SUVs that are leading the fast family car … Continue reading “The Top 6 Super SUVs”

From the World Cup to Luxury Cars

The England World Cup team is apparently so happy with its performance so far, or are just doing a bit of online shopping during their downtime, that they are planning a post-Russia spending spree on luxury cars. This news came from Magnitude Finance, which has 13 members of the 23-man England squad on its client … Continue reading “From the World Cup to Luxury Cars”

Mercedes-AMG C63 will be a hybrid in 2020

For at least one important reason, the Mercedes-AMG C63 has to be a hybrid. The model, which is scheduled for launch in 2020, needs to comply with upcoming emission regulations, otherwise it won’t be long before it is banned from the road. It is a ‘given’, admitted, Mercedes-AMG, that the next-generation C63 will be a … Continue reading “Mercedes-AMG C63 will be a hybrid in 2020”

Mercedes-Maybach unveils Pullman limo

Limousines seem to be in fashion this year. Aston Martin relaunched the Lagonda name for its new executive class super saloon, and Mercedes-Maybach has at the same time unveiled “its ultimate limousine for ‘high-ranking passengers’ with its revival of the Pullman name. As you can see, there is also a trend to revive past brands … Continue reading “Mercedes-Maybach unveils Pullman limo”

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