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Range Rover Evoque with X-Ray vision

The new Range Rover Evoque sounds as though it might have superhero powers. The latest ‘green’ version of the luxury compact SUV has X-Ray vision. This doesn’t mean the car can see through walls, but it does mean that the driver can “see” through the bonnet to what is on the road beneath the car, … Continue reading “Range Rover Evoque with X-Ray vision”

Jaguar Land Rover has motion sickness solution

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) made an important announcement about self-driving cars of the future. As the self-driving car sector starts to pick up pace, we are hearing more about potential features that make them more attractive for consumers. In the case of Jaguar Land Rover the company says that is self-driving models will have the … Continue reading “Jaguar Land Rover has motion sickness solution”

The Top 6 Super SUVs

What is a super SUV? Well, Super SUVs  combine supercar performance with limousine luxury. There are players in this market who have broken out of their traditional sectors to participate and hopefully dominate this market sector, Rolls-Royce being one of them. Here are six of the Super SUVs that are leading the fast family car … Continue reading “The Top 6 Super SUVs”

The Range Rover 6×6 is sailing into port!

Yes, really, we are as surprised as you to discover that the most famous luxury 4×4 could yet become a Range Rover 6×6. That’s a pickup in American lingo. According to Motor Authority: “T.Fotiadis Design, a company based in Berlin, Germany that normally crafts luxury yachts and high-end residential interiors, has plans for a Range … Continue reading “The Range Rover 6×6 is sailing into port!”

Downton Abbey on wheels: the new Range Rover SVAutobiography

The Range Rover SVAutobiography is its most expensive and luxurious model to date and the British manufacturer has unveiled it just prior to the Los Angeles Motor Show where the company will be hoping to attract buyers among the ultra wealthy. The car is quite unashamedly aimed at the top end of the market, particularly … Continue reading “Downton Abbey on wheels: the new Range Rover SVAutobiography”

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