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Hire a Porsche 911 GTS Cabrio in Marbella

Porsche 911 GTS Cabrio
The Porsche 911 GTS Cabrio is great on bends.

The Porsche 911 GTS Cabrio is the perfect motor for summer driving. Titanium Luxury Hire has this model available for hire in Marbella during the summer season (and beyond). If you’re visiting the Costa del Sol this summer and want to experience the pleasure of driving a Porsche with the top down then we’d recommend this model.

As EVO points out in its review of the sports car, in most cases, “Drop-top 911s have always played a supporting role to the fixed roof versions, but in GTS specification the Cabriolet is now better than ever.” While Evo’s test drivers appear to prefer the coupe, the site does says, “The drop-top model still has enough agility, composure, damping quality, grip and body control to find its way up and down a mountain pass at enormous speed, and it is still fun and rewarding to pedal quickly.”

Autocar appears to confirm EVO’s assessment of the cabrio: “The GTS feels assured, but the real sparkle of the coupé is diminished. The modest power gain seems less noticeable amid the extra bulk of the convertible, and with much of the extra enjoyment beyond 6000rpm, you’ll need to be very committed to open-air pace if you’re to savour it.” And it adds, “So, if you are in the market for a 911 Cabriolet, the GTS is the best soft-top on offer.” says, “With so much fun bundled into a single car, one day of driving the GTS simply is not enough.” Its writer tested it on mountain roads in California-Nevada, and there are some like that in Spain, where he found, “It communicates exactly what’s happening and is playful through the winding mountain roads on the California-Nevada border. Yes, it’ll devour open roads and whip through curving ones, but not without me working hard to extract the maximum speed. The GTS is very satisfying to drive briskly, and hugely thrilling when you do so.”

Reserve the Porsche 911 GTS Cabrio today – all you have to do is CONTACT US.

If the car you desperately want to hire isn’t in the Marbella Summer 2019 fleet list – please don’t hesitate to CONTACT Titanium Luxury Hire, and we will do our best to source the model you require.

Titanium would also like to point out that it has luxury SUVs for hire, as well as executive cars


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