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New cars at Titanium’s Florence depot!

Hypercars for hire in Florence? Ask Titanium Luxury Hire.

Exciting news for all our customers and those of you who haven’t hired a car from Titanium Luxury Hire yet: we have four new models available at our Florence depot in Italy. Before we tell you about them, we’d like to point out that just because the cars are in Florence, you don’t have to be in Florence to reserve one of these fantastic models. We can deliver them to your hotel, meet you at an airport or other address anywhere in Italy.

As you’ll see if you visit the Locations section of our website, we serve a number of countries in Europe, and if the place you’re visiting doesn’t appear there –Greece, for example—please just ask us and we’ll do our best to make sure you get the car you want, where you want it.

The new models that have arrived in Florence, the magical capital of Tuscany, are as follows:

The McLaren P1, which is a hypercar offering a peerless performance. As Top Gear said, “Most would be lucky to even drive the car let alone buy it as a limited number of 375 were made.” But you can be one of the lucky ones if you reserve a McLaren P1 through us.

The Ferrari La Ferrari is a smoking hot hypercar and the closest you’ll get in a Ferrari to a race track car that is also allowed on the road. Only 499 were built, so once again, when you drive this model you will be joining an elite group.

It’s easy to love a Porsche as this is a brand that always delivers, so we are delighted to offer the Porsche 918 to our customers. It’s another hypercar and when it launched it rivalled the McLaren P1. In fact if you’re a hypercar fan, the McLaren P1, the La Ferrari and the 918 Porsche are deadly rivals – so why not try out all three and see which one is really the winner.

Finally, we have a Bentley Mulsanne. Unlike the hypercars, this sumptuous executive car is made for driving in stately splendour. This does not mean it is ‘slow’ – it has a V8 engine capable of making some powerful accelerations, and you’ll feel incredibly comfortable while doing it.

Contact Us today and book one of these cars for a superior drive around Italy.





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