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The ‘One-Off’ Ferrari SP38

Ferrari SP38
The ‘one-off’ Ferrari SP38
Image: Andrea Giovanelli LaPresse

The Ferrari SP38 is part of the Italian manufacturer’s ‘One-Off’ collection. Ferrari unveiled it on 26th May at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, in Italy.

It has been created for the marque’s “most dedicated customers,” which presumably means you need to have been buying and driving a Ferrari for some time.

The new and excusive SP38 model is a Ferrari 488 GTB with a new body, and motoring enthusiasts are of the opinion that it might just be the best looking Ferrari of the modern era.

The car has been created as part of the Italian supercar-maker’s unique ‘One-Off’ programme. Ferrari has, it seems, borrowed an idea from Rolls-Royce’s ‘customised concept’ and has taken to building one-of-a-kind cars for the wealthiest of its clientele.

To achieve this unique car, it has used the 488 GTB chassis and added features from some of Ferrari’s greatest models thoughout its history. For example, the rear wing and engine cover are lifted from the F40 while the front end is modelled on that of the 308 GTB.

Ferrari says the bodywork is completely new and even the squinting headlights were created especially for the car. You will also note that the air scoops, easily visible on the 488’s profile are now concealed by panels that fold in from the beltline on the door to the rear arches.
The interior of the Ferrari SP38 will be made to order, so that everything in the cabin is tailored to the height and body size of the owner. In terms of speed, it will most likely be similar to that of the 488 GTB, which is about 205 mph.

Ferrari is not releasing the price details for this ‘one-off’ SP38; that will remain a secret between the firm and the owner who is lucky enough to be able to say, “nobody else has a Ferrari like mine.”

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