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Car of the Week – Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar F-TypeThere is little doubt that Jaguar has always produced cars that are both a pleasure to look at as well as a thrill to drive. The Jaguar F-Type is a sporty number that is perfect for everyday use whilst at the same time delivering an exhilarating agility that marks it out as a highly desirable motor for just about everyone. We’d agree with Matt Prior at Autocar: “The Jaguar F-Type coupe offers beefy, old-school charm.”

“Introduced in 2013 as a 2014 model, the F-type is arguably Jaguar’s first real sports car—as distinct from a grand tourer—since the E-type seduced attendees at the Geneva motor show in 1961. Offered in hatchback coupe and convertible editions, the F-type boasts exceptional rigidity with an aluminum-intensive chassis, an accomplishment by the engineering and development team that necessitates little compensatory bracing for the open-top version. The designers created a head-turning exterior that makes the F-type a contender for best-looking ride in a class populated with several beauty queens.” Tony Swan Car and Driver USA

“The Jaguar F-Type is a perfect flagship for the British firm. There’s a thrilling driving experience with whichever variant you choose, and it’s almost universally acclaimed as one of the best looking open-top sports cars on sale. These two points combine to explain the F-Type’s success, as it satisfies the demands of driving enthusiasts and the style conscious in one package.” Auto Express UK

“The key to understanding this new coupé is its roof. It is the reason why Jaguar can claim unparalleled torsional rigidity for the F-Type and, perhaps just as importantly, also why the car’s appearance has shifted from divertingly pretty to utterly arresting. Clearly the F-type’s most significant shadow remains the E-type, with the connection between the two made all the more real by the homage effect of the coupé’s new roofline.” Nic Cackett Autocar UK

“The F-type is the sort of Jaguar we haven’t seen for decades. You see, the company’s coupés have long been big, comfortable cruisers, whereas the F-type is a focussed sports car, intended to do battle with Porsche’s 911 and Cayman models. A tall order, that, because Porsche is at the top of its game at the moment. And yet the signs are promising; the F-type goes and sounds like a sports car should, and it’s an absolute stunner.” Alex Robbins The Telegraph UK

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“New” Porsche 917

Porsche 917 Replica
Porsche 917 Replica

It’s a new year and what better way to get it off to a racing start than with a review of Icon Engineering’s reinvention of the Porsche 917. Motor Authority calls it “one of the most insane automotive creations ever dreamt up by humanity,” and we’d have to agree.  The 917 was once a legend of Le Mans and other racing circuits where it demonstrated speeds of over 240 mph in an era unaccustomed to such power. Now, UK-based Icon Engineering has recreated a fabulous replica of the 70s race winner and it looks like its designers and engineers had a real party when they went to work on it.

The replica is based on British racing driver David Piper’s original 917 built in 1969 and involved a five-year reverse engineering process. According to press reports, this eye-catching, mind-boggling model should be available some time during 2017, but no exact date has been announced yet. Unlike the original, the replica has been designed for both road and race track. It will look otherworldly on a race circuit, so you can imagine just how traffic-stopping it will be powering up a motorway or roaring around urban streets.  Naturally, the engineering has had to go through some changes to ensure it meets all the rules and regulations for a street car. Fast and furious? It certainly has a large helping of Hollywood glamour. And, if you do want a version engineered just for the race track, then Icon can supply one.

A real Porsche 917
A real Porsche 917

It has a fibreglass body shell and aluminium tubular structure, with a carbon fibre construction available for those drivers who would prefer it. The engine bay is built to accommodate the Porsche engine used in the original, but other engines can be fitted. Icon has even said that it may offer an electric version and that the engine bay is suited to housing a battery.

It’s a turnkey car where the customer can dictate the ultimate engine and transmission configuration. As Icon Engineering has pointed out to motoring journalists, you would be lucky to find an original Porsche 917 for sale and if you did, the price would be astronomical and in the range of “tens of millions of dollars.” At £95,000, or just over €100,000, this replica is certainly more affordable. If you want to rev up your 2017, then this might be the car to do it.

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Car of the Week – Range Rover Vogue

Range Rover VogueThe luxury 4×4, or SUV if you prefer, continues to dominate the automobile industry and even the supercar manufacturers and designers are entering the market. Of course, there is one name that is still more famous than any other in this sector and that is Range Rover. This week we bring you the Range Rover Vogue. Its maker considers it the “ultimate in driving refinement and capability,” and we’d have to agree. The motoring journalists are fans as well.

“Nothing is quite like a Range Rover. It has long been the luxury SUV benchmark, and it even rivals luxury limousines for upmarket style, grace and refinement. Its regal image, exquisite interior, powerful engines and unrivalled off-road ability make it the go-to vehicle for those who want a luxury car that can do it all. There’s virtually no rival that can match the Range Rover’s multi-tasking ability, as the big British 4×4 combines its posh, upmarket image and imposing looks with incredible all-road capability.” AutoExpress UK

“With generously proportioned seats wrapped in soft leather, a smooth ride and only a distant noise from the tyres, wind and engine, the Range Rover is almost impossible to fault when it comes to comfort. A match for the very best luxury cars (indeed, it’s superior to many of them), it makes a 200-mile journey feel like a trip to the next town. Quite simply, superb.” Chris Knapman The Telegraph UK

“For once, a car manufacturer’s claims stack up across the board. The current Range Rover steers with more fluidity, controls its body better via standard air suspension and ‘active lean’ software and rides with the competence of a limousine. It’s not a sports car, but it encourages relaxed driving and feels built to take care of everything with the minimum of fuss.” Top Gear Reviews

“The Range Rover just oozes luxury. The current generation of the Range Rover is an attractive-looking thing and the interior is awash with high-grade materials. There’s a lot of tech on board, which can be seen from the massive standard equipment list.” CarBuyer UK

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New Cars of 2017

Aston Martin V8 Vantage
Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Well, 2016 has been a great year for new cars and the motoring journalists are quite excited about 2017 and the new models that are coming to market from family cars to luxury sports cars.

The key trend for 2017 is the launch of yet more SUVs, which is a trend that just doesn’t seem to be dying down. Every manufacturer wants a slice of this market, but they haven’t completely moved away from producing models in the other motoring sectors and we’ll see some new hatchbacks and superminis amongst the new cars.

We will also see some upgrades of existing models, especially in the luxury and executive cars categories including the BMW 3 series, the Audi A6 and Mercedes S-Class. At the everyday end of the market the Volkswagen Golf, Nissan Qashquai and Ford Fiesta are also set to have a whole new facelift.

Of the cars that particularly interest the team at Titanium Luxury Hire, the new Aston Martin V-8 Vantage is high up on our list. This revamped Vantage will have some aspects of the DB11 but with the addition of the same 4.0-litre twin-turbo engine as the Mercedes AMG GT.

In the executive saloon class, the Audi A6 is set to challenge the new Mercedes E-Class and the BMW 5 Series that will arrive in 2017. The A6 doesn’t look very different from Audis of the past, but the company says that the A6 is taking the range in a new design direction so that each model has a distinct identity. Other Audi models appearing in 2017 are the A6 Allroad, that has the usual features of an Audi SUV and this one features a petrol-electric hybrid drive system. The Audi A8 is a limousine and with many new ones showcasing cutting-edge technology, the A8 will demonstrate the latest autonomous driving software.

The new BMW 3 Series is a seventh-generation car that will also have an all-electric version equipped to challenge Tesla. The new BMW 3 uses carbon fibre construction with a lightweight chassis and the electric motor is expected to achieve a range of about 300 miles.

LaFerrari Aperta
LaFerrari Aperta

Ferrari will unveil the LaFerrari Aperta, which is a soft-top version of the LaFerrari hybrid hypercar. It has a carbon fibre top and fabric roof, plus its added body strengthening means that it is as a sharp to drive as the coupe version.

This is just a small collection of what is coming, but at Titanium Luxury Hire we already have the best cars in the luxury car world and all you have to do is hire one from us and experience the delight of a supercar, a cabriolet, a 4×4 or an executive motor.

Car of the Week – Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Ferrari F12 BerlinettaIt’s Titanium’s last car of the week for 2016 and where better to end it than with a Ferrari. This week we’ve chosen the stunning Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, which is yet another 12-cylinder stunner from the prancing horse stable. It is Ferrari’s fastest road car and if you want to zoom into 2017, this is the car to do it in. Contact Us now and we’ll have it delivered to you at any of our European locations.

“Sure, it costs more than a house, but the metal-melting aria from that incredibly operatic engine—priceless. The F12berlinetta is everything you could want from an Italian supercar. Power comes from a 730-hp 6.3-liter V-12, mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic with rear-wheel drive. Even with all that power, the F12berlinetta is one of Ferrari’s more comfortable cars, making it a true daily-driver. For the ultimate, there’s the F12tdf, with 769 hp and downforce-improving aero add-ons.”  Car and Driver USA

“When Maranello announced the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta on the eve of the 2012 Geneva motor show, its billing as the fastest road-going Ferrari ever made, either in terms of bald acceleration or around the firm’s Fiorano handling circuit, or indeed anywhere, was formidable.”  Matt Saunders  Autocar UK

“Until the LaFerrari came along, the Ferrari F12 was Ferrari’s fastest road car ever. Quicker than a 599GTO, quicker than an Enzo. That should all help put it into context: It is astonishingly fast – and not just in a straight line, either. It goes around Ferrari’s Fiorano test track quicker than either of those two past-masters as well.”   Top Gear Reviews

“Even though it’s 4 years old, the V12-powered F12 Berlinetta is still the screamingly wildest V12-powered gran turismo ever put on the market.”   Alborz Fallah  Autoweek 2016

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