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Mercedes M-Class

Mercedes M-Class RentalYou will travel in comfort, style and luxury when you hire a Mercedes M Class SUV from Titanium Luxury Hire.

There is no getting away from the fact that this motoring marvel, which has been defining its market segment for around 17 years, provides a “balance of luxury, performance and safety,” so say its manufacturers.

And while you might rightly claim that Mercedes Benz is somewhat biased about its progeny, more objective motoring experts are rather enchanted by it as well.

“The ML has reached 1.2 million owners since 1997 and is hailed by its maker as the world’s most popular luxury 4×4. It’s a more important car than many acknowledge. But arguably more important still are the improvements that Mercedes has made to the M-Class over the generations.”  Car and Driver USA

“There’s much to like about the M-class—the first-rate cabin, modern tech, and towing ability…Plush and comfortable accommodations, tight build quality, torquey diesel engine.”  Car and Driver

Mercedes M-Class“Engines and looks aside, the M-Class is fitted with technology that helps it to travel over rough surfaces and up and down steep hills, such as a Downhill Speed Recognition system. Combine that with proper four-wheel drive and you’ve got an SUV that’s actually capable off-road – although most of those sold probably won’t leave the tarmac.”  Car Buyer UK

“The Mercedes M-Class was one of the first premium SUV models, and it set the template for rivals such as the BMW X5 and Porsche Cayenne. Now in its third generation, the latest M-Class is the biggest and most refined yet, while the recent addition of a four-cylinder diesel version makes it one of the most affordable to run. The Mercedes has been designed with comfort and refinement in mind. As a result, wind and road noise are well suppressed, while the interior is one of the biggest in the business.”  Autoexpress UK

Experience it for yourself! Contact Titanium Luxury Hire TODAY and reserve your Mercedes M-Class NOW!

The Sensational Audi R8 Spyder

Audi R8 Spyder RentalWe chose the Audi R8 as our Car of the Week this week, and it seemed churlish to not write something about the simply wonderful Audi R8 Spyder. You may think that is the wrong time of year for a ‘top down’ supercar, but the fact is, it’s a great time for driving a cabriolet, providing it’s not actually raining or snowing. Cabriolets are more suited to moderate climates, even though you may think that they are more of a match made in heaven with sunny climates. The risk of sunburn mitigates driving with the roof down when the sun is beating down on you, whereas, when the temperature has dropped but the sky is still clear, that’s the time to let a breeze ruffle your hair.

At this time of year, driving and Audi R8 Spyder along the Cote d’Azur in France would be as close to perfection as you may get. The roads are clearer and the majority of the holidaymakers have gone home. You can stop in Cannes, Nice or St. Tropez and immerse yourself in the legendary elegance of this strip of coastline, and while you’re there, why not keep going and pay a visit to Monaco, where you can enjoy the world-famous casino as well as the magnificent yachts in the marina.

Or, perhaps you would prefer Italy. The Amalfi coast is on a par with the south of France, and for its many fans, it may even surpass it for romance, stunning views and places to stay that take you back to an era of glamorous sophistication. This route is a road trip like no other and you’ll enjoy superb and world-famous restaurants as well as the breathtaking scenery. It is often celebrity-filled and the Amalfi Coast is certainly the place to go when you want to splash out in style.

Audi R8 Spyder HireThe R8 Spyder will also cut a dash if you choose to drive in the sunshine of Spain or Portugal. It is the perfect time to discover Spain’s Costa de la Luz as well as the Costa del Sol. Marbella is an excellent starting point to enjoy the pleasures of a superb car on great roads. It is also an excellent time for a drive through Portugal’s Douro wine valley. If you haven’t visited Lisbon, then you’ll be bowled over by the refined quality of its capital city. Also its famous wines and the way that the country blends tradition with modernity makes it one of Europe’s more sophisticated destinations.

Wherever you decide to go, the Audi R8 Spyder will add thrills and style to your driving tour. We allow you to enjoy all the fun and thrills of a prestige vehicle without any of the hassles. Plus, we’ll deliver the car to you at your home, your office, conference venue, airport or hotel! All you have to do is Contact Us and tell us when and where you’d like one of our luxury hire cars.

Car of the Week – Audi R8

Hire the Audi R8We know it isn’t Christmas yet, but why not treat yourself to an ‘everyday’ supercar experience by hiring our Audi R8. It has a beautifully designed exterior that handles like a dream and its effortlessly powerful acceleration will feel like the smoothest ‘take off’ ever. The Audi R8 may be less ostentatious than some of the other luxury supercars that Titanium has to offer, but we believe you’ll be thrilled with this smooth operator, and motoring experts have great things to say about it as well.

“Audi’s luscious R8 is beautiful to behold, easy to live with, and simply marvelous to drive—everything you’d want in a sports car.”  Car and Driver USA

“We’ve always liked the Audi R8, and this all-new one is the best yet. Who says Audis are dull to drive?”  Top Gear Reviews

“The Audi R8 is well worth its ‘everyday supercar’ tag. It’s a mark of that car’s success that as the second generation Audi R8 arrived, a supercar segment without an R8 would seem a significantly poorer place.”  Autoexpress UK

Audi R8 Rental“The R8, in its original V8 format, was an automotive attestation of the boldest sort: the 911’s status is not sacrosanct and Porsche’s path to driving nirvana isn’t the sole means of ascent. The R8 did not make Audi. The formidable glaze coating of Ingolstadt’s reputation was baked long before it indulged an impulse to make a bona fide mid-engined sports car. But when it did, when the result proved exceptional and exciting and idiosyncratic, it was concrete evidence that the manufacturer was indeed capable of almost anything.”  Matt Saunders Autocar UK

“The original Audi R8 was one of the great surprises of the previous decade. From a company known for building fast but lifeless performance cars here was a genuine rival for the timeless Porsche 911. The second-generation model has an enormous amount to live up to, then, and the good news is it more than meets expectations.” Dan Prosser EVO UK

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The Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato

Aston Marin ZagatoWhen Aston Martin, Britain’s 10th coolest brand, partners with Italy’s wildest body design house, Zagato, everyone knows that something pretty spectacular is about to appear. This isn’t the first time that they have worked together; the two legends of automobile manufacturing have been collaborating on the production of special edition cars since 1960. The Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato is their fifth love child and it has stopped the world in its tracks; you really do have to turn your head for this dream machine. That’s the good news, now the bad; it’s a limited edition sports car and they only made 99 cars, all of which are sold.

The concept car was first launched at the appropriately glamorous Concorso d’Eleganza Villa D’Este. At its heart, the AM Zagato is a 6.0-litre Vanquish V12 while the body exterior is a collaboration between Aston Martin’s Marek Reichman and Zagato’s very own Andrea Zagato; you might say that it was imagined in Milan and built in Gaydon. This village in Warwickshire also happens to be the home of the British Motor Museum as well as Aston Martin’s coach works that combine cutting-edge technology with the hand-crafted finesse that is associated with Aston Martin the world over.

Although the Aston Martin Zagato was initially launched as a concept car, the clamour for the car to go into production was so overwhelming that Aston Martin gave into the demands of excited buyers and announced it would build just 99 cars, which, as we pointed out above, are already sold. The price tag of £500,000/600,000€ is pretty steep by even supercar standards, and Aston Martin alongside Zagato must be feeling rather cheerful about the profit made on the sale of so few cars.

The AM Zagato’s body is shaped from carbon fibre, and to preserve the model’s sleek and sinuous lines, they have used large, one-piece panels to minimise ‘split lines’. It’s the automobile equivalent of eliminating VPL; that’s Visible Panty Lines, chaps. And speaking of rear ends, the Zagato features afterburner-style tail lights linked by a fine sliver of a retractable rear spoiler that makes this model distinctly different to the original Aston Martin Vanquish. Add to this a Zagato trademark – the double-bubble roof that sits atop a visor-like wraparound windscreen and you have a car that oozes both style and class.Naturally, it’s no carthorse on the road either. The V12 engine has been tuned to produce 600bhp that will take you from 0-60mph/96kmh in 3.5 seconds. Inside, it’s a cocoon of luxury leather and advanced technology: sit in this and you’ll feel as if you’ve slipped into the perfect fit of glove.

Who knows, one day we may be able to offer you an AM Zagato, but right now at Titanium Luxury Hire we can offer you a range of Aston Martin experiences: we have a Vantage, a Vanquish, a DB9 and a DB9 Volante. These models all embody the elegance and engineering we have all come to associate with the Aston Martin marquee, and with the help of Titanium Luxury Hire you can enjoy that Aston Martin feeling whenever you want.

The BMW Vision 100

bmw-vision-next-100The BMW Supercar of 2116

A vision of the future has just filled the screen courtesy of one of our favourite auto magazines Road and Track – it’s a supercar of the future. To celebrate its centenary, BMW has created a model of what its design team thinks a supercar sports saloon (a sports sedan for American readers) will look like in 2116. Goodness knows how the engineers and creative team could think 100 years ahead from now, but they have, so what will the supercar of the next century look like and what will be the outstanding features that separate it from the supercars of 2016, including its own BMW i8, which is already a popular model in Titanium’s inventory.

The BMW Vision Next 100

BMW has actually called its prototype “Vision Next 100,” which is not terribly imaginative, but at least you know what to expect. If some of the Titanium team had been allowed to name it, at least one of us would have been scouring lists of mythical gods from every culture, or the lesser known constellations of the night sky, for a name that summed up what this incredible machine offers.

First of all, it’s ‘self-driving’ which is hardly unexpected since the driverless car is already making some ripples in the auto press and I think we can expect that ‘self-driving’ will advance quite some way in the next 100 years. This BMW can also be driver-controlled. You just have to put it into ‘Boost’ mode and you’ll receive holographic information to assist the driver. If you’re good at video games, you’ll enjoy following the projected driving line (it’s more Gran Turismo than Grand Theft Auto!) and discovering that obstacles in your way may appear monetarily translucent so that you can see past them. Plus, there are rows of tiles that change colour to alert you to a multiplicity of driving situations that require driver attention.

bmw-vision-next-munich-alemania_5944030And the best bit is, when you come across a situation you don’t want to handle, all you have to do is change the car from “Boost’ to ‘Ease’ mode and it takes over responsibility for handling the traffic. Sounds perfect for traffic jams! It also sounds like the driving equivalent of having a butler! When the car is in charge, the steering wheel folds away, the seats self-adjust and a windshield –sized infotainment system appears. Perfect for catching up on the latest news, or whatever infotainment will be like in 2116, which is something to consider.

In terms of its looks, it is clearly the love child of the BMW i8 with its gullwing doors and as the experts at R&T suggest, they’ve made aspects of the i8 transition nicely from a coupe to a saloon. One feature that is quite extraordinary is the stretching fenders that cover the wheel. These not only look like they came out of a sci-fi movie, they will reduce the car’s drag coefficient to 0.18. And that’s very low. As to what it runs on, BMW hasn’t decided that yet. I guess we’ll have to wait awhile to find out. Well, you may not be able to hire this car just yet but we have a stunning selection of prestige supercars for you to hire – please have a browse and let you imagination run wild.Titanium Luxury Hire allows you to simply enjoy all the fun and thrills of driving a prestige vehicle without any of the hassles. Plus, we’ll deliver the car to you at your home, your office, conference venue, airport or hotel in any of our extensive list of locations. All you have to do is Contact Us and tell us when and where you’d like one of our luxury hire cars.

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