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Places to drive from Geneva

GenevaGeneva is a gateway city to some of the most stunning parts of Switzerland. The historic city, sitting on Lake Geneva, is perhaps enough to keep most visitors interested for several days, but take a few day trips outside and you’ll discover more Swiss delights.


Medieval in flavour, this lakeside city is also the home of Switzerland’s largest archaeological museum. But for those who want something livelier, there is a market held three times weekly on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at the Place des Halles if you’re there during the summer.


Lots to do and see here, and it’s a great place to shop. The old town has an intriguing warren of winding streets. Take a stroll down the Escaliers du Marché, a wooden covered pathway, which links the city’s oldest area, Cité, to two market places. From there you can follow the steps to the magnificent Gothic cathedral, which is considered the finest in Switzerland.


Famous the world over for its two-week long jazz festival that attracts the biggest name sin jazz from around the globe. But, music isn’t the only thing that Montreaux is known for; if you walk its 3.5km promenade, you will eventually find yourself at the famous Château de Crillon, which sits on an island in the middle of the lake.

Lavaux Vineyards

You might think that all the vineyards are across the border in France, but you’d be wrong. Lavaux is Switzerland’s largest wine-growing area. It covers 830 hectares and stretches alongside lake Geneva for 30km. The vineyards, which date from the 11th century, are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and there is a wine route you can follow to sample some of the products.

Vallee du Joux

It is impossible to visit Switzerland and not encounter mountains somehwre along the route. Vallee du Joux is in the heart of the Jura mountain range and is a popular choice with hikers. The Lac de Joux sits 1000 metres above sea level and is also a popular site for water sports due to its high winds.  If you fancy viewing some subterranean caves, head to Vallorbe and visit the ‘Fairy Caves’.


It is the capital of Swiss cheese and a small medieval town. One of the most obvious things to do is visit the cheese factory to see how the cheese is made and taste some samples.

Important notice about hiring cars in Switzerland

Please be aware that when you hire a car in Switzerland there are EU laws affecting where you can take it. In July of 2015, the European Union introduced legislation pertaining to people who drive foreign cars from outside the 28-nation bloc into the EU. The law states that such vehicles must be taxed unless they are being used for work purposes, the driver is directly returning to his or her home within the Union or is in the process of leaving the Union.

Therefore, the legislation affects customers driving rental cars from Switzerland in any neighbouring country, during holidays for example. If you intend to hire a car in Switzerland and drive in neighbouring France, Germany or Italy, please let us know in advance.

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