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Places to drive from Vienna

ViennaVienna is a city of music and art, plus fabulous coffee and cakes. The city also has some 200 palaces, castles and churches, not forgetting its famous State Opera House. This gateway to central Europe remains one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations for weekend breaks, although if you stay for longer you will have time to explore the sights outside the Austrian capital.

The Vienna Woods

Romantic and bordered by rivers, the Vienna Woods was once a hunting ground for Austrian royalty. In 1987, the woods were declared a protected area, and the forested highlands still surround Vienna, although the woods are thinnest on the city’s eastern side. The forest can be easily explored from the top of Kahlenberg hill, where visitors can enjoy stunning views of the woods and the city.


The historic city of Krems sits west of Vienna and its marks the point where the Danube and the Krems rivers converge at the beginning of the Wachau Valley. During the 12th century the city rivalled Vienna in size and importance. Today, the city’s main tourist attraction is the beautifully preserved 18th-century Old Town quarter that stretches from the shores of the Danube into the hills. Krems is also known for its culture and its Arts Mile is home to an array of museums and galleries. Don’t forget to sample some of the local wine as well.


Why not visit another country during your stay in Vienna? Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is easily accessible form Vienna. Now one of the most prosperous cities in Europe, Bratislava has recently renovated its medieval Old Town quarter and added numerous outdoor cafés, pubs, shops and restaurants. Its most famous sight is the 13th century Bratislava Castle, which has been extensively renovated.

Melk Abbey

The extent of Austria’s great wealth during the 18th century is on full display at the Benedictine monastery at Melk, which is in the Wachau Valley to the west of Vienna. The abbey features a high dome, ornate towers and opulent interiors and is a beautiful example of High Baroque architecture. Its most outstanding attractions include the abbey’s church of St. Peter and St. Paul, the ceiling frescoes by Austrian artist Paul Troger and a library that houses more than 100,000 books and manuscripts.


The birthplace of Mozart is renowned for its Baroque architecture and ornate gardens. The city is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and sits on the Salzach river. It is well worth making the day trip from Vienna to Salzburg if only to explore its well-preserved medieval quarter and its fantastic shops.

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