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Porsche Carrera 2020 debuts in LA

2020 Porsche carrera
The new 2020 Porsche Carrera – faster than ever!

The Porsche Carrera 2020 made its first public appearance on the eve of the LA Motor Show. The new 911 model was unveiled at the Porsche Experience centre in Los Angeles and while there has been plenty of speculation about what the new Carrera would be like, Porsche fans will be pleased to know that it has retained the very recognisable shape that everyone is familiar with, although it does have a wider track and a more powerful turbocharged flat-6 engine.

The car will be arriving in dealerships next year, making one wonder why they didn’t call it the 2019, and it will be available in Carrerea S and 4S modes with 8-speed automatic transmission. A manual gear option will be available later, for those who prefer it. In fact, Porsche considered stopping offering a manual option, but there was such an outcry from Porsche drivers that they decided to keep providing it. According to Porsche, the Porsche Carrera 2020 will do 0-60mph/100kmh in 3.4 seconds using all-wheel drive, while the rear-drive Carrera S will do the same in 3.5 seconds. Both models have a top speed of 190 mph/305 kmh.

However, even though the outward appearance may not have changed much, and there is nothing wrong with sticking to a design that everyone instantly recognises as ‘Porsche’, the inside is a very different story, but in a good way. The touchscreen is now 10.9 inches, which is a significant upgrade on the previous 7-inch screen. Plus, Porsche will offer the Carrera S and 4S with 18-way power adjustable sport seats and adaptive dampers for better road holding, which also means passengers will experience less movement on tight corners.

The Porsche Carrera 2020 also has some other ‘tech’ additions: digital instruments, automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control and a night-vision camera all come as standard. The infotainment system also uses cloud-based parking information via Porsche’s connectivity suite.

There are no major changes here, although it does have on-trend electrically powered door handles of the type that are seen on most luxury cars at the moment, and its aluminium gives it greater strength as well as making it lighter, although Porsche hasn’t revealed its weight yet.

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