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The Porsche Half11 may shock fans

The Porsche Half11 project!
Image: Oil Stain Lab

The Porsche Half11 project promises to shock fans of the iconic 911 model, according to Motor Authority.

Autoweek calls it “heretical” and describes it as a “mysterious, psychotic tube-framed go-kart wearing the front end of an old Porsche like a mask.” It apparently looks nothing like the Porsche we know and love, and only the ‘face’ of it gives any indication that it comes from the same factory as the 911.

The project comes from Oil Stain Lab, “a nascent, self-described assemblage of automotive visioneers; a collective of automotive designers, artists and creators,” headed by Nikita Bridan.

Bridan said the goal was to create a 911 in an alternative universe—one where Porsche focused on the sports car as its only machine for motorsport. According to Bridan, “Oil Stain Lab decided to bring the idea to life after asking, what would the 911 have been like if cars like the 917 hadn’t come along?” The result is a top-level race car based on the 911.

How did they create this unusual motor?  Bridan said they bought a 911 chassis for around $450 and then went to work on creating a machine that according to the renderings shown to MotorAuthority, indicate it is, “something of a cross between a Formula One race car at the rear with a massive wing and a regular 911 in the front.” And many see it a cool look.

But the Half11 isn’t ready yet: Bridan said the car has been cut up and the roll cage is partially built. However, they need more parts and there are details that still need to be worked on using CAD. He estimates that it will be ready for driving in six to nine months.

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