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Range Rover Evoque with X-Ray vision

Range Rover Evoque
The new Range Rover Evoque is an eco-warrior!
Image: Daily Mail

The new Range Rover Evoque sounds as though it might have superhero powers. The latest ‘green’ version of the luxury compact SUV has X-Ray vision. This doesn’t mean the car can see through walls, but it does mean that the driver can “see” through the bonnet to what is on the road beneath the car, and it also, as the Daily Mail says, “has eyes in the back of its head,” giving drivers a look at what is coming up behind. Isn’t that what wing and rear view mirrors are for? Yes, but there is always room for improvement on the old system.

There are other additions to the second-generation Range Rover Evoque that will delight the ecologically minded. The model offers the potential to choose electric or hybrid power sources, plus there is a non-leather interior seat covering option made from recycled plastic bottles to cater to the wished of vegetarians and vegans. The latest Range Rover Evoque, “contains up to 33kg of recycled or natural material including special non-leather Kvadrat suedecloth made from 53 recycled bottles per vehicle. There is also the option of a new Eucalyptus textile produced from natural fibres,” according to the Daily Mail report.

The X-Ray view through the bonnet alerts drivers to ground level hazards. The technology makes the solid bonnet invisible fro the driver so they can see rough terrain underneath and assess any damaging obstacles. It may also come in handy in a city environment, as drivers will be able to assess curb heights that might damage the car.

The X-Ray ‘ground view’ works like this: cameras mounted in the front grille and on the door mirrors project their view onto the SUV”s central touchscreen so the driver has a 180-degree view what is ahead of and underneath the front of the vehicle.

The new Range Rover Evoque launched in front of an international audience at the old Truman Brewery building in London’s Brick Lane, and Vogue cover model Adwoa Aboah was to appear wearing a dress made out of the very same Kvadrat material made from recycled plastic bottles that is used in the Evoque’s interior.

Land Rover said its ClearSight Ground View technology is a “world first,” and stated, “This is yet another technological evolution that makes the new Evoque ideal for traversing the urban jungle, the actual jungle and everything in between.”

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