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Germany is a dazzling combination of tradition and modernity. One moment you are in a half-timbered medieval town and the next you are entering a cosmopolitan city that is a hub of cutting edge technology. There is the magnificent Black Forest and the beauty of the Rhine, there are fairytale castles and Baroque cathedrals, plus historic sites and world-class museums. And, of course, there is also the beer and wine.

Visit Munich’s Oktoberfest and join one of the world’s largest annual parties, or take a walk through Berlin’s monumental Brandenburg Gate. Visit the beautiful Lorelei Rock that soars out of the river in the Rhineland, or Neuschwanstein Castle that inspired Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. Don’t miss the grand Gothic cathedral in Cologne or the Church of Our Lady in Dresden. Be surprised by Frankfurt’s Römerberg,(a medieval town square) and discover Nuremberg’s long role in German history. Visit wealthy Düsseldorf for a taste of the good life and car fans will not want to miss Stuttgart, where Mercedes Benz and Porsche have been producing motors for decades.

Germany’s famous ‘Autobahns’ offer some of the most exciting driving conditions in Europe; they are part of the appeal of hiring a luxury car to experience the thrill of being behind the wheel of a fast motor on a road made for speed. There is also the attraction of a visit to the Nürburgring race track south of Cologne. The ultimate way to drive through Germany is in a German car: the revolutionary BMW i8 has the benefits of a hybrid combined with BMW design; the Mercedes SLR performance and looks never fails to turn heads, and the Porsche 911 Turbo is simply unrivalled on the road.


The capital of beautiful Bavaria with its proximity to the Alps and its quaint traditional Lederhosen, and other traditional regional costume that you’ll still see locals proudly wearing, is one of Germany’s most popular cities with tourists and business people.

This cosmopolitan, high-tech city is the Silicon Valley of middle Europe and manages to combine wealth and power dressing with its increasingly popular Oktoberfest that attracts visitors from around the world. This annual beer drinking festival is just one of the reasons that Munich can rival Berlin as “party central,” and there are a host of contemporary clubs and restaurants as well as fantastic museums and other historic sights that make this city stand out from the rest.


Stuttgart is well known and at the same time not at all. It’s an eclectic city with a reputation for being all about driving fast on the autobahn and working very hard, according to other Germans. However, this capital of Baden-Württemberg is excellently placed for visitors who are interested in exploring Germany’s world-class spas and its wine growing region.

Leave your car at the hotel and explore the “Weinwanderweg” where you can stroll through the vineyards surrounding Stuttgart and sample a fruity Trollinger or Riesling. Fans of modern art will enjoy the Staatsgallerie and the Schlossplatz, which is the city’s central square and has a local version of Versailles. You can enjoy Swabian and Bavarian cuisine and, of course, for the auto enthusiast, there’s the futuristic Mercedes-Benz museum.


Frankfurt is Germany’s ‘Wall St.’ with a steel and skyscraper skyline to remind you of the fact. It is the home of one of Europe’s largest Stock Exchanges and the European Central Bank. It’s a financial powerhouse and hosts endless trade fairs, so there’s always some business going on in this city. It’s also the birthplace of Goethe, one of Germany’s finest writers.

However, Frankfurt does have another side –the Aldstadt or Old Town—where Germany’s historic parts. Guests can explore traditional taverns and modern restaurants, plus there is shopping and museums galore. Frankfurt’s riverfront parkland is perfect for a romantic stroll, or take to the water and see the landmarks from a boat.


Nuremberg or Nürnberg, is the second largest city in Bavaria. Historically it played a leading role in the evolution of Europe as it was the capital of the Holy Roman Empire and the place where German kings hid their crown jewels. It is famous for its fabulous architecture and for being a place that attracted many artists to live there. It was also a leading hub in Germany’s industrial revolution, so it’s a wealthy city as well.

The Kaiserburg castle sits above the city and displays the power this place had in the Middle Ages. Non-German speakers may be interested to note that a not-for-profit organisation called “Geshichte für Alle’ offers English-language tours of the medieval old town and the life of artist Albrecht Dürer. The highlight for tourists is the annual Christmas Market, which is one of the most spectacular in Germany.


Düsseldorf represents the wealthy, modern face of Germany and its specialist industries are advertising, fashion and telecommunications; all sectors that attract bright young things. However, like every other German city that has an Armani-clad population, Düsseldorf also has a medieval Aldstadt where the city’s chic inhabitants go to enjoy the traditional cuisine and entertainment in style.

At its centre is the historic Markplatz with the imposing Renaissance Rathaus built in 1573. Look for the twisted tower of St. Lambertuskirche and the Kunsthallen or art museum that houses a rich collection of works. The city’s Aldstadt claims to be the “longest bar in the world” due to the number of bars and its “Little Fox” beer hall is everything you’d want from a traditional Rhenish beer hall. But, the harbour area is becoming part of a fashionable scene and Flingern neighbourhood is where you’ll find plenty of boho chic.


This city is famed for its many historic landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate, but it is equally renowned for its cutting-edge 21st century restaurants and innovations such as city beaches.


This city on the Elbe claims to be the “Gateway to the World.” and undoubtedly this wealthy, commercial city has many attractions to tempt the visitor.


At the heart of Dortmund the visitor will find a passion for football and the Bundesliga, but there are also some wonderful breweries to explore as well.


Its famous twin-spired cathedral is an iconic landmark and Germany’s most visited tourist attraction. Cologne also has a great springtime carnival and something special for chocolate fans.


Despite heavy bombing during WW2, Dresden has managed to retain a skyline formed by historic buildings and still deserves its alternative name “Florence of the North.”


This commercially important northern German city on the river Weser offers the visitor over 1200 years of history and its Rathaus is one of the finest in Europe.

We can also deliver a luxury car to you in the following German cities: Augsburg, Duisburg, Essen and Hanover. If the city you are visiting is not listed here don't worry! We can deliver to most cities withing Germany.

At Titanium Luxury Hire we can offer you a range of prestige vehicles for hire, which will ensure that wherever you arrive in Germany, you will always make a good impression. And, to make sure you have the maximum enjoyment on your German trip, we offer you a number of delivery options. You can relax, while we arrange delivery of your car to Germany’s major cities including: Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Nuremburg, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg, Dortmund, Cologne, Dresden and Bremen.

Our cars can also be delivered to the following airports:

  • Berlin-Tegel International Airport
  • Karlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport
  • Stuttgart Airport
  • Munich International Airport
  • Nuremberg Airport
  • Bremen Airport
  • Frankfurt am Main International Airport
  • Hamburg Airport
  • Hannover Airport
  • Cologne Bonn Airport
  • Düsseldorf International Airport
  • Dortmund Airport
  • Münster Osnabrück Airport
  • Ramstein Air Base
  • Dresden Airport
  • Leipzig Halle Airport

At Titanium Luxury Hire we pride ourselves on delivering our prestige vehicles to the exact location required by our customers.

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