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Audi RS5 - from: 300 € per day

It has sleek lines and curves, a finely tuned engine and four-wheel drive, plus it also carries four people. And it manages to be a supercar at the same time. The RS5 celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Audi Quattro, and it does it with style and conviction.

“Thanks to its strong grip, almost unbreakable traction and decent body control, the RS5 carries impressive speed through fast corners and fires out of slower bends like a rocket. Better still, the clever Sport differential can send torque to individual rear wheels, helping to reduce understeer and improve turn-in – although it can act aggressively in tight corners.” – AutoExpress

  • Rent the Audi RS5
  • Rent the Audi RS5
  • Audi RS5
  • Rent the Audi RS5
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