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Titanium Chauffeur and Limousine hire

There are numerous occasions when hiring a limousine or chauffeur service would make attending an occasion much more fun because you can relax knowing that a dedicated, professional driver is waiting to whisk you back safely to your hotel or home at a time when you want.

chauffeur That’s why Titanium Luxury Hire has added a limousine and chauffeur service to its resources. We understand that there are times when you’d prefer not to drive, and that there are events where you need to impress by arriving in a chauffeur driven car. But Titanium is not just offering limousine hire, we are offering you a range of private driver services to suit different requirements and maximise your Titanium experience.

Limousine hire

Perfect for those special events such as the bride’s arrival at her wedding, or for a special birthday celebration night out. Whether you want to hire a limousine with driver for a few hours, a day or for the duration of a holiday, Titanium delivers the perfect service.

Luxury car hire and chauffeur

Titanium has an exciting range of prestige vehicles for hire and we realise that when you hire one of them there may be times when you’d like a private driver. For example, perhaps you’re in Milan and want a driver to drop you off at the opera, or you’re in England and you’re off to Ascot for the day: either of these is the perfect occasion to hire one of our luxury cars with a driver so that you can enjoy your evening or day out without having to worry about transport.

Luxury Executive vehicles and chauffeur

Titanium has a number of executive car models that will ensure you arrive at a business meeting or conference in style and nothing says prestige quite like arriving in a chauffeur-driven motor. Also, hiring an executive car with a chauffeur is the ideal solution for those times when you have a meeting in say Frankfurt one day followed by another in Munich and flight times don’t fit with your schedule. It’s also a much more pleasant way to travel as the driver takes the strain, and you can avoid the plane or train.

Chauffeur only

Another alternative is to book our ‘chauffeur only’ service. In this instance, we can supply you with a professional chauffeur to drive your own car for you. Imagine the freedom this would give you to enjoy the scenery on a day out, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing there’s a driver on hand who will ensure you get to and from a celebration in safety. We’ve all had those moments when we wished we had a chauffeur to get the car and us home – and now Titanium Luxury Hire is offering you the solution.

So, whether you want a chauffeur driven limousine, a chauffeur to drive your luxury hire car, or a chauffeur for your own car, Titanium Luxury Hire allows you to simply enjoy all the fun and thrills of a prestige vehicle without any of the hassles. We’ll deliver a limousine, luxury car and/or chauffeur to you at your home, your office, conference venue, airport or hotel in any of our extensive list of locations. All you have to do is Contact Us and tell us when and where you’d like us to meet you.

Discover the benefits of our limousine and chauffeur service – it’s a superior way to travel.

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