Hire an Executive Car in Germany

Executive Car Rental in Germany

An executive car needs to be impressive, after all the person riding in it or behind the wheel is usually a leader of industry who wants to exude a sense of power and the car he or she is seen alighting from plays an important role in maintaining that image. For that reason, executive cars have usually been bigger than the rest of the motors on the road. They may be somewhat eclipsed in size now by SUVs, but even a super-sized 4x4 doesn’t quite convey the same status as a Bentley Bentayga or a Rolls Royce Ghost. These are the true executive cars, although at Titanium Luxury Car we have gone somewhat ‘off piste’ with our executive range, simply because the more contemporary definition of this class of car tends to include Range Rovers, the Mercedes M and GL class, plus the Audi Q7.

The executive car has always been seen as aspirational, the kind of car that stands out from the crowd yet is still business-friendly, which may mean anything from being fuel efficient to providing comfort and work space on long journey business trips. As in business, there has always been a hierarchy of sorts, with some models aimed at CEOs and top level management, while others were deemed more appropriate for senior to middle management. Typically they are four-door—one could hardly expect the CEO of a Fortune 500 company to clamber inelegantly out of the back seat of a two-door car—with some manufacturers adding a fifth door. If you are looking for a car that will ensure you arrive in style for a business meeting, or fit the bill for a business trip, then our selection of executive cars are the perfect answer.

Audi Q7 Rental in Germany

Audi - Q7

With its imposing looks and smart engineering, the Q7 gives you a really rather sporty experience for a 4x4. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the quick and effortless pace of this seven-seater.

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Bentley Flying Spur in Germany

Bentley - Flying Spur

An executive treat with a roomy back seat for all your business gadgets; it’s a limo luxe for when you want to show up looking smart.

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Bentley Mulsanne Rental in Germany

Bentley - Mulsanne

The CEO of executive cars is spacious and comfortable in the extreme. Cars don’t come much more luxurious than this, so when you want to impose and impress, this is it!

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Hire a Bentley Bentayga in Germany

Bentley - Bentayga

The Bentley Bentayga SUV gives you more than just a touch of class. This luxury, performance motor will take you to extraordinary places in a manner befitting royalty. Feel the comfort - love the power!

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BMW X6 Hire in Germany

BMW - X6

It’s bigger and bolder and although it might not be the prettiest BMW, it’s the frog that turns into a prince SUV. Kiss it and see!

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Rent the Maserati Quattroporte Sport in Germany

Maserati - Quattroporte Sport

A luxury saloon with more than a touch of the sublime about it, from its iconic front grille to its leather clad interior, it says sophistication and the French Riviera in a way that few cars can these days.

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Mercedes S-Class Hire in Germany

Mercedes S Class

The car that every other must measure itself against! The Mercedes ‘Sonderklasse’ is a legend in its own lifetime and gives you a safe, supple and extraordinary drive.

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Rent a Mercedes V Class in Germany

Mercedes - V Class

When you need a spacious people carrier that oozes the kind of style, luxury and comfort that you’d expect from a high-end saloon, then this is what you’re looking for.

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Porsche Panamera 4S Hire in Germany

Porsche - Panamera 4S

The Porsche that effortlessly blends sports car with luxury saloon gives you a road-gripping ride, and whilst it's larger than its stablemates, it's just as agile.

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Porsche Panamera Turbo Hire in Germany

Porsche - Panamera Turbo

This four-seat, four-door Porsche grips the road with unwavering tenacity, handles corners like a dancer and is fast, very fast for its size.

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Range Rover Vogue Hire in Germany

Range Rover - Vogue

The most upmarket of the Range Rover line has total composure and grace on the road and a rugged dynamism when it’s tackling rough terrain. It’s a King of the Road.

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Hire a Range Rover Autobiography in Germany

Range Rover - Autobiography

This top of the range Range Rover gives a supple ride and effortless handling. It’s quiet and luxurious on the inside and smells expensive – there’s lots to love here!

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Range Rover Supercharged Hire in Germany

Range Rover - Supercharged

This model brings you total superiority and seven seats as well. It has raw animal power that gives you a sports experience on the highway and it’s ‘Bear Grylls’ off-road!

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Range Rover Sport HSE Rental in Germany

Range Rover - Sport HSE

A cut above other SUVs even if it is the ‘baby’ of the Range Rover family and you won’t be disappointed with either its performance or its luxury trimmings.

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Hire a Rolls Royce Ghost in Germany

Rolls Royce - Ghost

This lighter and more ethereal relative of the Phantom exudes the gracious old-world charm that is associated with its maker. It’s a Rolls you can drive and give the chauffeur a day off.

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Rolls Royce Phantom Hire in Germany

Rolls Royce - Phantom

Simply the best and the world’s most luxurious car - the Phantom swathes its passengers in its exclusive heritage and makes them feel like royalty. A chauffeur is the perfect accessory for this car.

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Rent the Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead in Germany

Rolls Royce - Phantom Drophead

This car embodies the moment that Rolls added a dash of rock n’ roll glamour to its fabulous Phantom. Don’t drive it if you suffer from stagefright – because you’ll be the centre of attention!

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