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Ferrari 812 Superfast - from: POA

The Ferrari 812 Superfast may be the F12 with a facelift, but it’s a radical one, not just a cosmetic makeover. The 812’s 6.5 litre V12 engine will give you the kind of acceleration that feels as though you might find yourself taking off at an y moment, sailing over hedges and then rooftops. But, that’s just your imagination; it keeps its wheels firmly on the tarmac while giving you the thrill of your life.

"Take it as read that the Superfast is an almighty piece of work on Ferrari’s behalf. It is monumentally fast, sounds absolutely out of this world, has a gear change – and, more to the point, a new shorter set of gear ratios – that will fray the outer edges of your imagination with its brilliance, and its chassis has mostly been improved to create a deeply seminal range of abilities – on both road and track." - EVO

  • Hire a Ferrari 812 Superfast
  • Hire a Ferrari 812 Superfast
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