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McLaren MP4 - from: POA

The McLaren MP4 is the automobile manufacturer’s supercar to rival the Lamborghini Gallardo and the Ferrari 430. It’s an exciting and extremely usable road car from the makers who are better known for Formula 1 success. It’s a Mclaren and that puts it in a special niche of its own.

“When we first drove the McLaren MP4 we were startled by the uncommon level of comfort this 593-hp supercar offers. It seemed like perhaps the best mix we’d ever encountered of everyday livability and mind-altering performance. It’s so smooth that one of our crew nodded off in the passenger seat and stayed asleep as the driver pushed the car well into triple digits.” - Car and Driver

  • McLaren MP4
  • McLaren MP4
  • McLaren MP4
  • McLaren MP4
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