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Mercedes AMG GTS - from: POA

The Mercedes AMG GTS is based on the blueprint of the defunct SLS AMG, but it is somewhat different. There are no gullwing doors for a start and it is certainly slimmer and shorter. The long bonnet gives it an ‘E-Type’ feel and it does 0-62mph/100kmh in a lively 3.8 seconds.

The driver’s position near the rear axle transmits a sensation of superb body balance accompanied by accurate steering at high speed. It’s a comfortable car that is suitable for most roads except the roughest, but then you’d choose an SUV if you want to explore tough terrain. The turbocharged engine ensures that you get a real supercar experience, plus a relaxed Grand Tourer and an inspiring sports car.

  • Mercedes AMG GTS
  • Mercedes AMG GTS
  • Mercedes AMG GTS
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