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The Range Rover SVR is a bit of a brute, but a very stylish one. Its 2,500kg weight may give the impression that this will be a lumbering giant, but put your foot on the accelerator and all your preconceptions will be erased forever. It does 0-60mph/97kmh in 4.3 seconds and has a top speed of 176mph/283kmh. Not bad for such a big SUV.

“This is still a vast SUV, but given the kind of demand that’s available globally for luxury and performance 4x4s, the question, then, is no longer “why would you make a car of this size, with this power?”. Given that there are so many people with the income and inclination to buy one, the question is “why wouldn’t you make one?” - Autocar

  • Range Rover SVR Rental
  • Range Rover SVR Rental
  • Range Rover SVR Rental
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